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"Blessings to you. My life has turned around tremendously.  I want to thank you. May Love and Light always be with you." ~LB~


"I stopped smoking after the first session! The cravings are small and don't last long at all. I am loving this!" ~NG~


"The Past Life Regression saved my marriage and changed my life.  It explained so many issues that were going on in my present life!"



"I have been to her twice. I highly recommend her!  I am ready to go back so she can help me with my headaches."



The weight release program was the final key that I needed to make my weight loss journey complete. It has helped greatly in reducing late night cravings. Thank you!



I just had a very calming and uplifting experience with Robin as she put me into a very relaxed state of mind and body, in which she guided me through healing meditation techniques. I highly recommend her whether you want to release stress, work on certain skills, quit smoking, learn healthier habits... to name just a few.



A truly enlightening experience - I highly recommend! Robin is a true professional (nice "homey" office, too!)



Robin Graves is a dedicated light worker, whose wise counsel combined with the gift of intuition will help in your healing process. I speak from experience with Robin.



Thank you so much for working with me. I can already feel more connected to my helpers.  I am going to ask for their help in falling asleep which I haven't done. I will continue working on myself.  You have such a warmth and positive impact.  

 I really felt positive about it and definitely gained some insights. Also, I looked up "empath" and Wow it really described me well. Thanks again for your help and guidance.


I felt I needed guidance and made an appointment with Robin Graves. Sometimes things come up and we need direction or clarity...for me both. I have clarity and what I feel is an immense recharge and sense of relief. Robin is an extremely talented therapist who is much more than mainstream; this therapist is 21st Century and ahead of her time. I would HIGHLY recommend her as I feel she defines the standards of an excellent therapist. Turning inward to myself and feeling whole again thanks to Robin. I’ve done 2 sessions with her and will continue. This lady has surpassed my “best scenario” expectations! For cash paying customers her rates are very reasonable. Highly recommend!


It has been 3 weeks and I haven't had a cigarette! 

Thank you for helping me be a better,

healthier person.



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