About Maria-Energy Worker

Spiritual Medium



Since the age of 6, Maria has been intuitive and bringing Spirit through by communicating with her guides.

She has been in Florida for over 20 years and is continuing her path of service with her energy work and
channeling talents. It is her desire to help reduce and relieve the stress, pain and heartache you may be

experiencing in your life.  Experience Maria's empathic and medically intuitive approach to
energetic body work is a powerful combination that will leave your body deeply relaxed
and feeling much better. Many people with chronic pain and sleep disorders have been
helped by Maria's empathic and Intuitive approach.  Maria begins her specialized "energetic body

work" (a unique mix of Reiki, Quantum Touch and a form of energy work she learned
from her Grandmother). Alone these are powerful modalities that allow the deep relaxation
a body needs. Together they are synergistic and dynamic.

Classes offered upon request, depending on schedule availablity. 

Call to  make an appointment or use our contact page to email Maria today!


                          • ENERGY SESSIONS
                          • CROSS-OVER READINGS
                          • MEDICAL INTUITIVE SESSIONS
                          • INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT CLASSES

                          • QUANTUM TOUCH

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