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What are essential oils?

You have probably seen them everywhere because they have become popular, but you are confused because you have heard so many different stories and viewpoints.  You don't even know where to start when it comes to choosing and you have no idea how to use them.  Or, maybe you have used them for years, but they haven't ever done anything for you.

Let's start with 3 Cool Things about essential oils.

  1. If you use a therapeutic grade from a reputable company that scientifically tests numerous times for purity and potency, and one which shares the results of those tests, essential oils are 100% natural  and safe and can be used on babies, children, adults, the elderly and pets.

  2. Essential Oils (therapeutic grade) in many cases have been proven to be more effective than many modern approaches to health problems.

  3. Essential Oils are cheaper than traditional medical care.


Other Cool Stuff (if using a therapeutic grade):

  • Essential Oils are extracts from plants (aromatic compounds) that have amazing health benefits.

  • They're pure....nothing is added to the oil or taken away from the oil.

  • There are no side effects or addictions.

  • A pure oil is about 50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs. For example, one drop of Peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. So they're really potent!

  • Because our cells' membranes have an oily coating, essential oils are able to permeate through our cell membranes and attack viruses where they live, unlike water-based synthetic medications. They can also combat bacteria on the outside of our cells.

  • They cost only pennies per drop, because with high quality oils you only need 1-3 drops at a time..

  • You can use essential oils aromatically, topically or internally (with a therapeutic grade).

  • You can even clean your home naturally with essential oils removing the toxic load from your home.

To learn more about essential oils and how they can benefit you and your family, visit Shirley Reul, Oil Educator & Wellness Advocate at Live Happy Healthy by clicking here>>