Menopause Relief Program 

      Developed by Helen Breward Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapist UK

I am now able to offer a program designed for and proven to help alleviate the hot flashes and symptoms of Menopause without the use of medications and harmful drugs.  You have the ability to turn down the heat and possibly reduce the amount of hot flashes that occur; stop the rivers of sweat before they start or become a tidal wave washing over your body.  You don't have to live in fear of when you will become drenched and drained of energy and dignity, take back control and feel empowered!  The benefits are huge and very powerful.  Many women feel as if the menopause is being "done to them" rather than just being a small part of their life at that time.  85% of the ladies who participated in  the trials were able to reduce the amount of hot flashes and/or turn down the heat to a much better level.  

You will learn practical methods of controlling your hot flashes that are easy to use and remember.  

Learn the 12 common triggers and their quick fixes!

This program is conducted over a four week period, adjusted to suit your schedule.  It consists of four sessions, each will take around 45 to 60 minutes and is designed to teach you specific coping strategies and psychological tools.  The focus is on empowerment and taking back control.  You will take home a recorded session to use on a daily basis, between sessions,  to embed those new thought patterns, behaviors and habits.  Learning to relax is hugely beneficial for the mind, body and spirit.  Being able to relax can help other aspects and areas of an individual's life, such as anxiety, panic and stress.  The effects spread out like ripples on a pond.