• Robin Graves CMHt, PLR

Goodbye 2020

I knew, deep within myself that the new decade and especially the year 2020 was going to be different. I felt as though it would be amazingly positive, Changing and transitional. I just did not realize the path that it would take in order To accomplish this. Just think when we get past this challenge in our world and the way we have had to live our lives to get past it, how different things will be. How much we will appreciate the things that we take for granted. How spoiled we are with the creature comforts. Times like these teach us compassion and patience or lead us down the path to find them. We are reminded how much we love and enjoy traveling and seeing new places. How much more we will appreciate our friends and our gatherings. Future holidays will be so much sweeter. Our population has been exploding and like it or not, viruses just like COVID 19, are a way of our mother earth to balance and Cleanse. Back in the old days it was survival of the fittest and as a species we have Veered away from that because of scientific advances, but consider the toll on the planet that we depend on. How long can our Mother Earth support us without a thinning of the herd? This is the season to reflect on the events of the year. The good and the challenges and think about how we want the new year to progress. What will be different? What to strive to achieve. I will Take each day as a new opportunity to create my best life. I hope for a more peaceful and prosperous 2021. Robin

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