• Robin Graves CMHt, PLR

Hypnosis and improving Sports Performance

In order to excel in any sport an athlete must be committed and believe in themselves. Reaching the top goes beyond the love of the game and one's potential. Most athletes would agree that one of the largest components in excelling is mental. Even world class athletes sometimes have a slump at a crucial part in their very successful careers. Marathon runners will frequently talk about how three quarters of the way through the race they sometimes hit what they call "a wall". These are some of the issues which can be addressed with Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can be of service to any level of athlete regardless of age, skill level or sport. The practitioner takes them through visual imagery and mental rehearsal of positive experiences and feelings, success and achievement within the competition raise confidence, along with boosting the belief in ability to perform. Exercises are used for concentration and focus, to dismiss negative experiences, learn from past errors, mistakes or losses and control anxiety. Hypnosis is also used teach them how to detach from distractions and doubt. While interviewing the athlete before the sessions begin, the client is asked what their presenting issues are to find out what they feel is holding them back and what they may be struggling with. What do they want to change, improve or eliminate. This includes any behaviors, reactions, attitudes, beliefs, feelings or old programming they may be stuck in. With hypnosis all of the senses are used along with feelings and positive thoughts to enhance confidence, calm and energy. This intensified focus allows less time for the intrusion of negative thoughts , anxiety and tension which are some of the leading reasons for performance failure. A skilled Hypnotherapist is able to assist athletes in reaching what many call "the zone" and enjoy their peak performance. The athlete can also be programmed, to assess performance, while they are in action see any upcoming mistakes and correct them before they happen. Hypnosis is also used to remove emotional blockages affecting performance, help get a good night's sleep before an important event, control anger or any other inappropriate reactions. It can also help with improving dietary choices, and improve consistent practice schedules, assist with healing injuries and increase tolerance to pain. Hypnosis has become one of the best kept secrets in the sports world. Many who use this technique don't want others to know their secret. Famous athletes who have used hypnosis include Mary Lou Retton, Michael Jordan, boxer Ken Norton, Tiger Woods, Jimmy Connors, Jack Nicholas, Kоbе Brуаnt аnd Shаqu O’Nеаl. Among those who used it for career success are Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Mozart, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Sir Winston Churchill. Princess Kate Middleton used hypno birthing to stay calm and to manage pain during her children's delivery.

If you want to be the best, discover how to enhance your performance while increasing the joy of the sport, discover Hypnotherapy.

Robin Graves

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