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My 16 year son who has been having major sleeping difficulties for at least 5 years since his brother left to go to the Military and nothing has helped; and for 3 years he has held something in that has been a very deep, hidden take as to where he was one night that he showed up one night late one night when we couldn't find him when it was dark and he never showed us, even though we d tried driving around the next day asking him to show us for safety measures, he has remained inside the house since then and doesn't seem to leave his room nor even associate with family when they come to visit, and he stopped having friends and he changed his personality from being funny and popular to becoming shy and very soft spoken. Today, with this hypnotherapy, he's seemed to release something from that day 3 years ago and I saw a brightness in his big eyes again that have remain so small for so long, it made me want to cry tears of joy! Even though I may never find out what happened that day, I'm just so happy my son looks happy again! THANK YOU!!!

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