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Weight Release  -

Smoking Cessation Programs


Weight Release

program of 5 intensive sessions $500

Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program $450 for the 4 session program

Reduced group rates are available

Smoking cessation program

$250 for 2 sessions, 2 to 3 days apart

with a follow-up at a reduced rate if ever needed in the future





$100 a 60 minute Session after

the initial consultation

Some issues may take  more than one session to resolve.

Package prices

available per request

Past Life Regression

Single session

$250 - It is normal to discover 2 to

3 life experiences in this session depending on how detailed the life comes through and what issues are addressed. 

Packages available upon


Menopause Program

Four sessions, recorded sessions(s) to take home and all program material $450-reduced group rates are available




Payment is due at the time of treatment unless other arrangements are made.  Weight release and smoking cessation programs are paid in advance.  Some health insurance policies pay for these programs or for alternative health care.  Upon request we will furnish you with the information needed to file for reimbursment.  You may also be able to get a  tax credit if you are referred by a physician for a health issue.