About Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is used to provide the space within you to create the opportunity  for self healing and change through insightful awareness directed towards a specific goal.  Hypnotherapy has been shown to help those who suffer from performance anxiety, such as in sports, and speaking in public. In academic applications, it has also been shown to help with learning, participating in the classroom, concentrating, studying, focusing attention span, improving memory, and helping remove mental blocks. It is effective in reducing stress, managing pain, letting go of past hurts and changing habitual behavior.  It is the state between wakefullness and sleep where suggestions are readily accepted by the subconscious mind.  You are completely in control and will remember the session.  Please refrain from any caffiene for at least two hours before your session.



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Smoking Cessation


Whether you smoke for pleasure, as a distraction or because of stress, you can change this and end your relationship with cigarettes.  If you smoke 1 pack of 20 cigarettes a day for 5 minutes each, that equals 100 minutes out of your life in 1 day.  That is equal to 51.77 hours in a 31 day month spent smoking. 

Imagine how much better you will feel when you quit smoking, Not to mention the impact on your family, and pets from breathing a cloud of second hand smoke.  Think of all the money you spend on  cigarettes and the other fun things you will have time to do, with the money you save.


You can be SMOKE FREE after your first session with this very sucessful program.

Weight Release


Hypnosis can be the key to finding and resolving the inner conflicts that  have created your challenges with weight.  In identifying the stressor/factors that have created the behavior, you can then shift these old habits and beliefs to evolve into healthier behavior along with a different, more positive attitude about weight and body image.  

Did the weight change begin after an injury, illness or break-up?  Do you have a problem with portion control, specific foods, stress, emotional-eating or skipping meals? Perhaps it is certain times of the day that you have the most cravings. There are multiple approaches to weight release depending on if you want a more intensive therapy option to get to the root of the issue or perhaps you  need to reset your thinking, behaviors  and habits, regarding food and the way you eat.

It is time to take control of your life and put it back into balance.  You can be healthy, happy, successful and free of the inner conflict and excess weight.

Improve Sports Performance


A large part of playing your game well, be it golf, tennis, football, whatever your favorite sport, is getting out of your head,  to have effortless concentration and be able to visualize the perfect movement for the situation.  You can get the clearest picture of your desired outcome, perform your best and learn from your successes and failures without being negative or judgemental.  Stay calm, focused and energetic under pressure, effortlessly breaking your previous performance plateaus, .  You can learn the art of relaxed concentration to be your best. 


Do you want be consistent, relaxed, focused and at the top of your game?  You can ascend new heights; You have the knowledge and ability within you.