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Hypnotherapy is commonly used as an alternative treatment to get fast results to life's common problems. It is a safe, gentle way to put you in touch with your inner resources to initiate and create change to bring about healthy healing.  Hypnotherapy can help you to bring balance back into your life.  Each problem has a cause, and by redirecting that energy, the solution can then be found. Hypnotherapy is also useful for spiritual exploration and for balancing the mind/body/spirit.  Aromatherapy is typically used during the sessions to help facilitate relaxation and create a peaceful atmosphere.  If you have any sensitivities or allergies, please let us know before the appointment. 



Explore your many past lives. In past life regression, People who are deeply hypnotized and actively involved in a childhood or past life sequence of memories are able to answer questions, speak their current life language, know the geographical places they are seeing and even know the year. Many times issues are carried through into a present life and reframing the occurrence may lessen the effect or, in some cases, make it go away completely.