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For millions of people worldwide, finding an effective weight loss programme is nothing short of frustrating. Our ability to control and lose weight is affected by the nutritional choices we make, our habits, attitudes towards food and the behaviors we developed as children and throughout adult life.  Hypnotherapy is by no means the first solution people think of when trying to lose weight. It's more likely for people to look into a diet and because of this they are missing out on one of the most effective ways to control their nutritional choices.

Diets, fasting, high-protein, low-carb, calorie counting and New Year resolutions all rank high on the list of the most common methods that fail us. 

Now, it seems, alternative therapy may have the answer.  Hypnotherapy sessions delves beneath the surface to identify the emotional triggers that cause people to use food as a comfort blanket and tackles the problem head on.

UK-based therapist Sheila Granger – who specializes in gastric-band hypnosis - has helped almost 3,000 people shed 61,000lbs between them.

Sheila is also one of the world’s foremost gastric-band hypnotherapy trainers, passing on her techniques to hundreds of people from across the globe. I attended a training a few months ago at the International Assoc. of Counselors and Therapists annual meeting in Daytona Beach, where she came over from the UK to train this technique to a select group of councilors.

It’s quite something when you take stock of what has been achieved in the last few years.

After commissioning a survey of 60 of the 700 people she has trained, Sheila has revealed the results which show the staggering success of her work.

 “When you see just how much weight people have lost it is staggering.

Results show the average weight loss works out to be 21lbs per client. Most clients lose around 7 lbs the first week, with a steady loss of a few pounds a week until they reach their ideal body weight.

Along with the obvious benefits of the weight loss, the survey has revealed numerous other health benefits being experiences by the clients.

People have recorded reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels, an increase in confidence, self-esteem, happiness, more enjoyment of exercise, stress reduction, loss of anxiety, sleep improvement, increased mobility, a loss of depression and in several cases, an increased libido.

This technique gives the people wanting to lose weight the right mindset to be able to do it. Losing weight is ultimately simple, but applying the basic rules which we are all well aware of is the challenge. Through hypnotherapy you can regain control over the subconscious mind and those unwanted behavior toward food, mostly the habits that are causing you to eat the wrong things.  It's not simply about following a regime for your meals.  Hypnosis helps the client to become more self aware and empowered.

Most people who follow a traditional dieting system will lose weight while they are on the diet itself but, as soon as the diet stops, the weight invariable returns, often leaving them heavier than before the diet began.  Most diets include some form of deprivation and/or denial.  Some involve counting calories, or points, but all merely serve to program the mind to think about food. This causes the individual to think about food more than they did before. With dieting comes a sense of guilt and stress when you've strayed from the path or have had a relapse, but any self-reproach is eliminated with hypnotherapy because it's about building a healthy relationship with food through reprogramming the mind to make healthier choices- better for the mind and body. When denying comfort food, and eating different meals than the rest of the family, 3 things happen: The brain fights against it, the body fights against it and the day to day environment fights against it, making it more difficult and complicated than it needs to be. Because most eating habits are deeply engrained in the subconscious, self-denial of something can often increase the desire for that very thing.  Eating a little less than we need-but eating anything we want, can actually lead to weight loss.  Cutting out favorite foods completely is a bad idea, but cutting down on those foods is achievable and sustainable.

Everyone knows that eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body-shape, improved fitness and all round health. This program employs a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques. It is most decidedly NOT a diet.  It enables clients to form new habits that they can maintain.  There is no deprivation so clients are liberated from having to think about food all the time.  They eat consciously and are able to listen to what their stomachs are telling them.  The result is steady, progressive weight loss-without dieting. It will lead to a life style change.  Hypnosis a way to hit the reset button when your conscious mind needs to reboot and release bad habits and reconnect to the part of your subconscious mind which knows what is best for you and your body. This puts the foundation in place to live a healthier life style.

This virtual Gastric Band program is conducted over a four week period.  The four one hour sessions are designed to bring about a permanent change in your eating habits, and focus on the person you want to be.  This is NOT a short term fix.  Creating new habits, along with checking in with your body before eating, get you where you want to be and enable you to remain there.  Ridding yourself of old behaviors and creating new ones will generally take 28 days.

This program includes a support session to you can and are encouraged to  listen to every day, which will reinforce the new messages that will bring about the permanent change in your eating behavior. We will also target behaviors which will encourage exercise. We are able to offer this as a group at a much more affordable price.  It is such fun to do this with others and have the additional support and encouragement !  If you are interested in participating in the program as a group, please contact me.