Virtual Gastric Band Program

This very successful program was created by Sheila  Granger, a UK based clinical Hypnotherapist.  It is now being offered all over the world by practitioners who have been trained by her and I  am now able to  offer this program at Healthy Reflections Hypnotherapy.  Most diets do not work in the long term because they have you constantly thinking about food.  What you can eat, what you can't eat, amounts, how often, etc.  The Virtual Gastric Band program is different because you can eat whatever you want, three times a day.  You are not denied your favorite foods.  There is no calculating, weighing out your meals or counting calories.  Everybody know that eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body-shape, improved fitness and better health, the key is to want to do it.  This program uses the Virtual Gastric Band procedure and other mind management techniques to help you reach your goals.  It is a lifestyle change, not a diet!  My clients are liberated from thinking  about food all the time.  They eat consciously, and listen to what their stomach and body is telling them.  This results in steady, progressive, consistent weight loss without having to stick to a specific diet.  You will be given the tools you need to reset your thought processes and the way you feel about food and eating.  Most people lose an average of 7 to 8 pounds the first week and two pounds each week thereafter.  Are you ready to wear the clothes you have been dreaming about and live a more active and healthier life?  All you have to do is take the first step and contact me to get started.  This program is available in a group setting or via Skype.